VINEYARD LAND: 60 hectares
FARMING PRACTICES: Sustainable - Lotta Integrata
GRAPE VARIETIES: Vermentino, Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale, Caricagiola, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon
WINE STYLES: Dry white, Dry red, Dry rosato, Sparkling
TOTAL WINE PRODUCTION: 420,000 bottles
OWNER(S): Famiglia Demuro
WINEMAKER(S): Mariolino Siddi

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is Italy’s second largest island. Mainly a mountainous region, the terroir is a unique mix of unspoiled wilderness, oak and cork tree forests and a thorny scrubland of herbs and cacti known as the macchia mediterranea. In stark contrast to the rugged interior, the island has over 1,200 miles of jagged coastline, which is home to some of the most pristine beaches of the Mediterranean. One of these spectacular coastal settings is Costa Smeralda or the Emerald Coast, which is located in the northeast corner of the island.  The area is part of one of the largest and most important wine zones in Sardegna - Gallura.  The first and only Sardinian DOCG, Gallura means “stony area” which aptly describes the granite-based soils that make up the terroir of one of Italy’s most important wines: Vermentino di Gallura.

The Demuro family are native Sardinians and have practiced viticulture for generations. Growing up, Tino Demuro worked in the family vineyards with his 11 siblings, primarily making wine for their own consumption. Twenty years later, while running his successful construction business, he began researching the symbiotic relationship between construction and nature. He believed a wine estate could be a place of work that was capable of creating a product of the earth through visible processes that ensure quality. In 2001 he decided to invest in the land’s potential with the purchase of vineyards in the municipality of Arzachena. 

Vigne Surrau takes its name from the Surrau Valley, located between the communes of Arzachena and Palau in the heart of the Gallura appellation in northern Sardegna. Tucked among the rugged hills with an impressive view of the Limbara granite massif, the winery is a short fifteen-minute drive to the Costa Smeralda and the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The location provides a perfect growing area for both white and red wines of extraordinary character and elegance. 

After the initial vineyard purchase, Tino hired famed consulting oenologist Beppe Caviola and they assembled a young team, consisting of agronomist Fabio Isoni and oenologist Mario Siddi with the pursuit of elevating Vigne Surrau to its full potential. The winery’s philosophy moves between traditional and innovative; tradition in the selection of the varieties grown and innovation in winemaking, which is carried out with the most advanced equipment and oenological expertise.

Today, Vigne Surrau consists of 60 hectares in eight different locations across the eastern side of Gallura. The soils are mainly decomposed granite and sand, rich in marine fossils. The Chilvagghja vineyard surrounds the winery and is about three hectares planted to Vermentino and Cannonau. Their largest vineyard, Juannisolu is located only a few kilometers from the sea and is 15 hectares planted to Vermentino, Cannonau and Carignano and other international varietals. Three vineyards are dedicated exclusively to Vermentino: Surrau, Moro and Spridda, totaling 20 hectares. The Pastura vineyards are located to the west on the interior plains with soils richer in clay.  These seven hectares are planted to Vermentino and Cannonau. Lastly, the Andrea Gusi vineyard is dedicated to experimenting with the historic autochthonous red variety of Gallura - Caricaggiola.  The winery practices sustainable agriculture and Lotta Integrata, or integrated pest management, throughout all their vineyards.  Their efforts in sustainability are aided by the Mistral winds that blow across the island from the Strait of Bonifacio which are a great defense against disease. 

From the beginning, Vigne Surrau was built around Vermentino and today it is 70% of the winery’s production. Vermentino di Gallura is known to be the best expression of Vermentino on the island, reflecting the characteristics of the area, from the granite soil and the macchia mediterranea, to the Mistral sea breezes that blow across the vineyards.  These influences are expressed in the aromatics and body of Vermentino di Gallura, an exemplar for their winery, Gallura and Sardegna around the world. Proving their dedication to the varietal and region, Surrau produces three bottlings of Vermentino di Gallura.

In the cellar, Vigne Surrau uses three different methods for the vinification and aging for their wines – steel, cement, and wood. Most recently, the winery has also started using amphorae for the Vermentino.

The focus on harmony between nature and innovation is clear throughout the estate.  The winery interprets the cellar as a workplace which transforms a product of the land through visible processes, which guarantee genuineness and quality. The architecture of the winery is the result of a harmonious research between building and nature. The building is realized by a sequence of transparent façades and local stone walls which meld with the land. Vigne Surrau is an open space, without barriers between the indoors and the landscape of Gallura.

The winery was designed and built as a meeting place where meditation, art and wine can come together. Vigne Surrau was created to tell the story of the area - Gallura and Arzachena - and with each bottle of Surrau, one will find the sun, the sea and the wind of Gallura.  

“Surrau, in Arzachena, is one of the most interesting new wineries to come onto the scene in recent years.”—Gambero Rosso 2018